31. Dezember 2014

JavaSPEKTRUM – Codegeneration at the Commerzbank AG

  In the issue 06/2014 (November/December 2014), the German magazin ‚JavaSPEKTRUM‘ features an article about model-driven software development at the German bank ‚Commerzbank AG‘ (German only). […]
1. Dezember 2014

Web-based Code Generation

Web-based Code Generation With the latest release, Virtual Developer provides web-based code generation through its portal. With this feature you can try out generators without having […]
25. September 2014

New Cloud-Connector for Eclipse

  A new version of the Cloud-Connector for Eclipse is available on the Eclipse Marketplace. Based on customer feedback the plug-in has has been significantly improved. […]
25. September 2014

Models in the Cloud – Accessible from Everywhere

In many domains there is a tendency these days to use cloud services more and more: music, messaging, slideshows, videos, meeting coordination, content management, customer relationship […]
20. Juli 2014

Java Forum Stuttgart 2014 – Rückblick

Nun ist das von der Java User Group Stuttgart organisierte Java Forum in Stuttgart (JFS) auch sch0n wieder vorbei. Es war gerammelt voll, in den Sälen, […]
26. Juni 2014

New Version of Portal – Modeling Tools, Companies, shared Generators, shared Projects and SEO

On 25th of June a new version of the Virtual Developer Portal has been released. The most significant new portal features are:       – […]
20. Mai 2014

Virtual Developer YouTube Channel started

Virtual Developer YouTube Channel started The Virtual Developer YouTube channel has just started. This is the place where you will find more and more tutorials and […]
19. Mai 2014

Verlosung von Eintrittskarten für das Java Forum Stuttgart 2014

Die Generative Software GmbH, Fördermitglied der Java User Group Stuttgart, verlost drei Eintrittskarten für das diesjährige Java Forum Stuttgart am Donnerstag, den 17. Juli, im Wert […]
14. Mai 2014

Why generate when you can interpret?

It is getting more and more popular to use app platforms where you can model your application, deploy and run it (the application model is interpreted). […]
14. Mai 2014

Why Code Generation is only for greenfield Projects?

It is common sense that code generation solutions are best suited when developing new software. That’s logical. When you develop new software, you do not have […]
13. Mai 2014

Why reinvent Code Generation?

Code generation already has a long history. And there are already lots of tools and technologies out there that let you develop a code generator. So, […]
12. Mai 2014

General Availability of Cloud-Connector for Maven

Virtual Developer now provides one more Cloud-Connector. The Cloud-Connector for Maven lets you execute remote code generators that are deployed on the Virtual Developer Platform. As […]
16. April 2014

Code Name „Codegeneration 2014“

From 9th until 11th of April, the European conference „Codegeneration 2014“ took place in Cambridge (UK). Virtual Developer was there in two sessions, one goldfishbowl and […]
16. April 2014

1-tägiger Kurs für Modellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung in Zürich bei der Digicomp AG

Am Montag, den 28. April gibt die Generative Software erneut im Auftrag der schweizer Digicomp AG in Zürch einen Kurs über Modellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung. Der Kurs findet […]
27. März 2014

Virtual Developer at Codegeneration 2014 in Cambridge

In two weeks time the European conference „Codegeneration 2014“ in Cambridge (GB) is going to take place. In one of the sessions a tutorial on how […]
14. März 2014

Cloud-Connector for Eclipse available

You can now install the first public version of the Virtual Developer Cloud-Connector for Eclipse from the Eclipse marketplace. The Cloud-Connector is a lightweight Eclipse plug-in […]
10. Februar 2014

Generative Software mit zwei Virtual Developer Sessions bei Konferenz „Codegeneration 2014“ in Cambridge

Im renommierten Churchill-College in Cambridge findet dieses Jahr zum achten Mal Europas größte Konferenz zum Thema „Modellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung“ statt: die „Codegeneration 2014“. In der malerischen Universitätsstadt […]
9. Februar 2014

Fachartikel der Generative Software erscheint in „Java aktuell“

Für die Ausgabe 01-2014 des vierteljährlich erscheinenden Fachmagazins „Java aktuell“ lieferte die Generative Software einen Artikel. Darin ist die Architektur einer Android App samt JEE Back-End und […]
7. Februar 2014

Generative Software spendiert Virtual Developer kostenloses Modellierungswerkzeug

Auf dem Eclipse Marketplace stellt die Generative Software GmbH registrierten Nutzern der Virtual Developer Plattform ab sofort kostenlos das Modellierungswerkzeug „Virtual Developer Modeler“ (VDM) zur Verfügung. […]
7. Februar 2014

Virtual Developer Modeler – Effortless textual Modeling for free

Virtual Developer Modeler is a modeling tool for textual modeling languages, developed by the Generative Software GmbH. It is one of the many possibilities to creahttps://www.virtual-developer.com/en/virtual-developer-overviewte […]