General Availability of Cloud-Connector for Maven

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16. April 2014
Why reinvent Code Generation?
13. Mai 2014
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Virtual Developer now provides one more Cloud-Connector. The Cloud-Connector for Maven lets you execute remote code generators that are deployed on the Virtual Developer Platform. As a prerequisite you have to be registered on the platform. In the Maven POM file you then configure a generation project along with the model files that you want to send to the remote generator.

The benefits of using the Cloud-Connector for Maven are:

  • You can execute code generation within your continuous integration process.
  • In every environment where Maven can be used, you can apply code generation with Virtual Developer. We have tried this with NetBeans and it works like a charm. Soon we will write a separate blog post to tell you more about using the Cloud-Connector for Maven in NetBeans.
  • As a generator provider, you can execute automated tests for your code generators.

More Cloud-Connectors are on our roadmap, the Cloud-Connector for Visual Studio for instance. If you need your own Cloud-Connector to become part of your product offering, please contact us. Cloud-Connector implementations are completely platform independent, so this is fairly easy to accomplish.